About Us

May we present for your consideration, the Erotic Movie House, a sensual and seductive viewing experience for both men and women dedicated to sexy genre films. Uniquely curated for couples, EMH features an ever growing library of remarkable carnal entertainment. This new online streaming site ranges from the award winning classics to the contemporary. And absolutely always classy.

Explore EUROEROTICA for an endless supply of award winning European sex masterpieces, featuring classics created in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s by the likes of arthouse auteurs Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, and many more.

For new and modern content with a vintage aesthetic, explore EROTIC SECRETS. Featuring today’s top female burlesque and adult stars, we offer brand new and never before seen exclusive videos, with our ladies in various states of undress. Watch as they tell ultra-sexy stories and pulse-pounding erotic anecdotes from their personal lives and fantasies.

Alongside our original productions under the SURRENDER CINEMA fantasy label, you’ll find DARK ROMANCE, featuring romantic, erotically charged films, rife with old world allure and scintillating seduction.

And as an extra bonus feature, take a peep at our HOT SPOTS, where instant gratification is accessible on demand. We’ve hand chosen the sexiest and wildest clips from our vast library, assembling a greatest hits of naughty tidbits.

With new content added every week, there’s always something new and exciting to discover. Sign up today for as low as $7.50 to gain unlimited access to our entire collection.

Once you enter, you’ll never want to leave the Erotic Movie House.